Pokemon Go Adds New Quests for Upcoming Adventure Week Event


Pokemon Go is preparing for its Adventure Week event by adding some new field research tasks to the game's servers.

Yesterday, players discovered a handful of new quests on Pokemon Go's network traffic, a sign that the game was getting ready to launch its next event. The new quests also tease some of the perks/features of the upcoming event, some of which seem similar to last year's Adventure Week.

The new field research tasks include the following:

  • Hatch [X] eggs.
  • Earn [X] candies walking with your buddy.
  • Spin [X] PokeStops you haven't visited before.
  • Evolve an Omanyte or Kabuto.

The new quests seems to hint that players will bring back decreased walk distances for Buddy Candies. Players earned Buddy Candies four times as quickly during Adventure Week, meaning that players could stock up on candies for Pokemon they needed to evolve or power up.

It also looks like Kabuto and Omanyte will be a part of this year's Adventure Week festivities. Last year's Adventure Week was focused on Rock-Type Pokemon. The most abundant of those Pokemon were Kabuto and Omanyte, and it looks like they're making a return for this year.


Of course, the new quests are just a tease for Adventure Week, and there could be more surprises in store for players. Some players have speculated that the game will introduce the long-awaited PokeStop submission feature, and there's sure to be at least a couple of new Shiny Pokemon introduced as part of the event. Last year's event also gave players additional items from PokeStops, which would be a great way to re-stock players who used up a bunch of their PokeBalls during yesterday's Community Day.

Interestingly enough, Pokemon Go hasn't announced the start or end times for Adventure Week. As Memorial Day weekend is next week in the United States, it would make sense that the game would run the event to coincide with the holiday and take advantage of all the American players who get the holiday off.

We'll have more news about Pokemon Go's next event as soon as Niantic makes an official announcement...which will likely come in the next day or two.