Dragon Ball FighterZ Vegito Blue Trailer Revealed

The official Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer for Vegito SSGSS has now been revealed for the upcoming DLC character.

Following a confirmation from Bandai Namco that said Vegito Blue will be available alongside Fused Zamasu on May 31, the new trailer was shared today through the publisher’s social media accounts. The tweet below that came from Bandai Namco referenced “Union of Rivals,” an episode that Dragon Ball Z fans will recall is the first time that Vegito made an appearance to face off against Super Buu. He wasn’t blue-haired back then, but you can see the before and after versions of him in this new trailer.

Of course, the trailer isn’t 100 percent new. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for Vegito to be added to Dragon Ball FighterZ and have been looking for any info that’s out there, you’ve likely seen the leaked trailer that was revealed last month. These trailers are almost identical with both of them lasting 38 seconds and showcasing the same moveset for Vegito Blue, but you’ll notice that his entrance in the official trailer excludes the rest of the three-man team in the background that was included in the leaked trailer.


The screenshots that were revealed for Vegito Blue in the past show off some of his moves that are also seen here in the trailer including his God Impact punch and the Final Kamehameha. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegito Blue used his God Impact in the beginning of the fight with Fused Zamasu, and it looks as though this same ability will be used in his dramatic finish against the fused rival. The ki requirements for his abilities haven’t been revealed just yet, but you can expect Vegito’s Final Kamehameha attack that combines both Goku’s and Vegeta’s most iconic moves to cost the most by using up three bars to activate it.

When both Fused Zamasu and Vegito Blue are released on May 31, they’ll be available as standalone purchases. Broly and Bardock, the only other DLC characters to be released in the past, both cost around $5 each, so it’s expected that both of these will be the same. Of course, if you’ve already got the FighterZ Pass, you’ll get these new fighters automatically as well as the next few characters that Bandai Namco adds in the future.