Ash's Pikachu Learns a Valuable New Move in Pokemon Anime

Ash's Pikachu has swapped one of his powerful Electric-Type moves for another in the latest episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon.

Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokemon anime, is currently on Ula'ula Island, attempting to complete the third of his Grand Trials in the Alola region. After suffering a humiliating defeat against Nanu, the Ula'ula Island Kahuna, Ash and his team of Pokemon completed some rigorous training with Tapu Bulu, the island's Pokemon Guardian.

In this week's episode, Ash and his Pikachu start a one-on-one battle with Team Rocket and their Mimikyu, hoping to prove his worthiness to Nanu so that he can compete in the island's Grand Trial a second time.

Ash and Team Rocket have clashed countless times over the course of the Pokemon anime, but Team Rocket has pulled over several surprising victories in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon thanks to Jessie's Mimikyu, a Ghost/Fairy-Type Pokemon driven by an immense hatred of Pikachu. Mimikyu rushes into battle whenever it sees Pikachu, leading to several epic tail v. tail swordfights. Recently, Team Rocket gained a trump card in the form of their very own Z-Ring and Z-Crystals, one of which can be used to power up Mimikyu's terrifying "Let's Snuggle Forever" Z-Move.

When Mimikyu launched its Let's Snuggle Forever attack on Pikachu and covered Pikachu's body with its ratty costume, it seemed like Ash was destined for another defeat. However, Ash's Pikachu emerged from the attack surprisingly unscathed thanks to learning a new attack....Electroweb, which Pikachu used to cover his own body and protect itself from the Z-Move.

You can check out Pikachu's surprising usage of the move below:

Electroweb officially replaces Electro Ball as one of Pikachu's four official moves. While both can be used as ranged moves, Electroweb can also tangle and slow down an opponent, which should give Ash's Pikachu a bit more versatility in battle.

Thanks to the Pikachu's sudden use of Electroweb, Ash managed to defeat Team Rocket once again, countering with Pikachu's special Z-Move to finish Mimikyu and earn the right to face Nanu once again.


Pikachu isn't the only Pokemon that has learned a new move recently. Ash's Rowlet and Lycanroc both learned new moves in last week's episode. Rowlet learned the move Razor Leaf, while Lycanroc learned Stone Edge. Ash's other Pokemon were seemingly affected by a special tree maintained by Tapu Bulu, and it's likely that Ash's Pikachu learned Electro Web as a sort of delayed effect from its time spent near the tree.

New episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon air every Thursday in Japan. Dubbed versions of the episodes air several months later on Disney XD.