Rumor: Resident Evil 2 Remake Reveal Coming Soon, Best-Looking Entry by Far


The original Resident Evil Remake is still one of the most stunning games you can play on your PS4, and it sounds like the Resident Evil 2 Remake will exceed it in almost every way. We've gone months without a single drip of news on Capcom's highly-anticipated remake, but this morning, the folks over at Rely on Horror are reporting some new information from a source close to the project.

According to their source, Resident Evil 2 Remake could be revealed as early as next month during E3. This is speculation on the part of the editor and their source, but apparently it is based on the planned release timing for the game. Because of its supposed release date, an E3 reveal would make sense, but is not set in stone by any means.

It's being said that Resident Evil 2 Remake is the best-looking game in the series to-date. The game is reportedly being developed using RE Engine, which as you may know, was built from the ground up for Resident Evil 7.

Rely on Horror's sources are claiming that the game will be aiming to output at 1080p at a locked 30fps on the base PS4, while PS4 Pro users can expect a dynamic resolution up to native 4K, running at a solid 60 fps. It sounds like 4K / 60fps is the target, but a scaling resolution will be implemented to prioritize frame-rate above all else.

Gameplay and perspective still seems to be up in the air. While the original Resident Evil Remake maintained the fixed camera perspectives of the original, Rely on Horror's source is reporting that Capcom may be implementing a gameplay solution more familiar to fans of Resident Evil 4's behind the shoulder approach. This would be a controversial move for sure, but something I could personally see working well. It would add a fresh way to approach a game that series fans have already played many times.

It should also be noted that the RE Engine is capable of virtual reality implementation, and it'd be a fantastic twist to unveil a limited VR mode in addition to the base game. Resident Evil 7 in VR is one of the best virtual reality experiences you can possibly have at the moment, so we'd have faith in Capcom to do something special for the Remake.


The report is also colored with minor details about costume changes and character changes that may or may not pan out. It's very important to remember, by the way, that none of this may pan out in the end. Keep some salt handy until E3 next month, and let's all hold our breath!

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