Nintendo Wants You to Sign Up for Pokemon Switch News Updates on Their Website

pikachu and eevee

Nintendo is letting players sign up on their website for news about their upcoming Pokemon Switch game.

Anticipation is at a fever pitch about the upcoming Pokemon Switch games. After several alleged details were leaked online and confirmed by gaming insiders, Pokemon fans have been impatiently waiting for some sort of official announcement. All you need to do is check the replies to any tweet the official Pokemon account sends out to see just how excited and anxious fans are about the upcoming announcement.

It seems that Nintendo is preparing to make an announcement about the Pokemon Switch games, as fans can now sign up on their UK website to receive updates about the Pokemon Switch game. The page doesn't list any details or a release date, but it's another small sign that Nintendo is prepping for some sort of Pokemon announcement soon.

For those who haven't followed the rumors, the new Pokemon Switch games are allegedly titled Pokemon: Let's Go and will be set in the Kanto region first explored in Pokemon Red and Blue. The games are allegedly pseudo-remakes of Pokemon Yellow, as players can have their Pokemon follow them around on the in-game map and have either Pikachu or Eevee as a Starter Pokemon...depending on which version of the game they'll buy. The new games will also allegedly feature only the original 151 Pokemon, at least in the main storyline of the game.

However, the new games aren't total remakes - the PokeRide system from Pokemon Sun and Moon will make a return and the game will somehow incorporate gameplay elements from the popular Pokemon Go mobile app. Nintendo is also allegedly developing a new peripheral device similar to the PokeWalker or Pokemon Go Plus that will be compatible for the game.


According to various insiders, the new Pokemon games will be announced in May...which means we should get an announcement by this Thursday. If that's the case, expect some sort of announcement for the announcement to go out by Tuesday at the latest.

Of course, these are just rumors. If you want real news about the next Pokemon games, sign up on Nintendo's webpage for updates....or keep following us for more Pokemon news!