Fortnite: The Force Is Strong With This Obi Wan Kenobi Fan Design

Fortnite fans have definitely proven that they've got an impressive creative streak. From incredibly detailed videos made using the Replay feature, to creative fan concepts to better the game. Sometimes, like with this skin concept, it's a simple mock-up of the different outfits players would like to see in their dream match. This latest design is perfect for long-time Star Wars fans, bringing the legendary Jedi master himself into the world of Battle Royale.

Highgrounder - skin concept from r/FortNiteBR

The latest creation comes from Redditor 'Noblebatterfly' and though the design is simple in nature, there's a wisdom in his expression that comes through - even surpassing the cartoon-like nature of Fortnite's graphics. The lightsaber Pickaxe was a perfect touch as well, alongside the fan-given description, "Never underestimate the power of highground." Under the name "Highgrounder," this Obi Wan Kenobi-inspired design is pretty awesome and might just catch the right eye since we're in the age of prequels.

The fan concept goes perfectly with an earlier one that was shared earlier this month following the success of the Infinity War Thanos event. We're definitely not alone in thinking Fortnite should look to a galaxy far, far away for their next crossover event.

Personally, I've been throwing the idea around of a Star Wars mashup for awhile now, but withStar Wars Battlefront II announcing their Han Solo season, and the new movie having come out this month, it's on my brain a lot more. So when I took to the Reddit boards and saw a huge trending forum for this exact topic, I knew it was time to join in on the rallied call.

(Photo: MamoruKin via Reddit)

Given that Marvel and the Star Wars franchise are both owned by Disney, this crossover isn't as far fetched as you might have originally thought. Still, for now, it's wishful thinking. But at least it's wishful thinking with really cool art attached.

Fortnite Season 4 is officially live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS players. The free-to-play game will officially be making its way over onto Android devices, though a release date has yet to be revealed. With Epic Games' massive presence at the upcoming E3 this year, it's possible they will be dropping some major bombshells for the game, including that highly anticipated Nintendo Switch release.