My Hero One’s Justice: Himiko Toga and Dabi Will Both Be Playable

My Hero Academia 41 Villain Vanguard Action Squad Dabi

Bandai Namco's upcoming My Hero One's Justice will feature both Dabi and Himiko Toga as playable characters.

News of the villains joining the roster comes way of Weekly Jump (via pkjd818), which will run another My Hero One's Justice issue next week that dives into the game's story and online battles.

For those that don't know: Himiko Toga is a high school student and member of the League of Villains, affiliated with the Vanguard Action Squad. She and her team notably serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc, while Himiko is also specifically the antagonist during the Hero License Exam Arc and the Internship Arc.

Meanwhile, Dabi is a major supporting character and villain with the League of Villains, and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad just like Himiko. He features as the antagonist in the same arcs.

My Hero One's Justice is slated to release sometime later this year via the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In Japan, it will release on August 23rd, but only on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Below, you can read a bit more on Dabi and and Himiko, courtesy of My Hero Academia Wiki:


Dabi is a stoic, aloof, confident, and focused individual who rarely shows emotion. He is intolerant of most people and can be very derisive. Dabi insulted Tomura immediately after meeting him and constantly does the same to his allies and his enemies. He was reluctant to introduce himself and rudely brushed off Tomura's inquiry about his true name.

Dabi is dedicated to the Hero Killer: Stain's mission and desires to destroy superhuman society. He is focused on his goals and remains steadfast through the League of Villains movements. Dabi's motivations outweigh his personal feelings. He loyally follows Tomura despite coming to blows when they first met.

Despite his usual expressionless behavior, Dabi finds joy in establishing himself as a villain fighting against what he believes to be false heroes. He takes pleasure in taunting heroic figures, students and pro-heroes alike. He even takes sadistic pleasure from the pain he inflicts on others, including the people he's murdered.


Himiko is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having presumably killed someone, displaying apparent sadistic tendencies. Even when danger is imminent, as when Tomura Shigaraki was about to attack her, Himiko continues smiling. She's also frequently seen blushing, though seemingly out of excitement rather than embarrassment, giving her a permanent somewhat lovesick look on her face. That said, she has shown that she can easily be embarrassed, such as when she thinks people are coming on to her or when she is naked when copying clothes of the people she has transformed into. She is quite courageous, or at least very confident in her Quirk, as she impersonated an aspiring hero and took part in an exam that gathered multiple students of heroics and pro heroes.

Himiko has stated that she finds life to be difficult and wants to make the world an easier place to live in. She looks up to Stain and sees him as her role model; however, at the same time, she has declared a desire to kill and "become" him.


Himiko has also shown signs of being mentally unstable and having a twisted perception of love. Despite wanting to kill the two girls, she attempted to befriend Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui as they fought, such as calling the latter by her first name and describing the former as "lovely" and even still she refers to them as her friends after the fight. When talking to Ochaco, she said that it was only natural to want to be like the one you love, to the point of literally becoming that person. She also declared that she likes guys who are "tattered and reek of blood", that being the reason she "carves people up".Her interest is not superficial, however, as her questioning Izuku about his values implies.

In stark contrast to her psychotic nature, Himiko has shown a very supportive side as she comforted Twice, knowing he feels the most responsible for causing Magne's death and covering a part of his ripped mask to prevent him from splitting. Not only has she shown a softer side, but she has shown a comedic and childlike demeanor when faced with different situations, such as when she was with Twice or when she attempted to insult Mimic.