Jurassic Park Recreated in Far Cry 5

jurassic cry

You can put Jurassic Park in just about anything, and it will be awesome. For example, what do you get when you put Jurassic Park in Far Cry 5? Something awesome.

If last night you dreamed of a world where Jurassic Park existed in Far Cry 5, well, today is your lucky day, because some magical dream wizard heard you and has done just that.

When Far Cry 5's Arcade and map editor was announced, it sounded like it was going to be a hotbed for creative types to create some truly magical things within the Far Cry universe. And the sales pitch hasn't failed us.

The latest noteworthy creation comes way of a creator by the name "D4RKDEATH," who using the aforementioned map editor painstakingly recreated Jurassic Park in the game.

Apparently, work on the project began right as the game released, and it shows. The map more or less is a victory lap of the first movie, featuring all of its iconic places, such as the Raptor Pen and Visitor Center.

Sadly, there are no dinosaurs to be found, due to there not being any dino assets within the map editor. However, there are numerous Easter Eggs to find throughout the map, which supports deathmatch via multiplayer.

The map is available to download right now on Xbox One, for free. For more details and a video walkthrough of it, check out this video from YouTube Channel Forge Labs:


Far Cry 5, which released earlier this year in May in record-breaking fashion, is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven't already, be sure to peep our glowing review which dives deep into the newest entry in the iconic series, and praises it for going in some bold new directions and for being a refinement on previous entries in a variety of ways.

For more information on Far Cry Arcade, which is a new addition to the series, click here. As you may know, the feature has already dished out other neat crossover maps, including a Ready Player One map, a map based on the island in Lost, and a map of The Prison from The Walking Dead.