Fortnite Streamer Wins Match With Hilarious Bouncer Bait


The allure of Fortnite’s new Bouncer item proved to be too much for one player who was led to their demise at the hands of a trap created by well-known streamer Nick Eh 30.

Bounce pads – or the Bouncer trap as it’s now called – were in the game previously before Epic Games pulled the vertical and directional variants from the battle royale game. These traps launched players in different directions and allowed them to pull off some creative maneuvers, but they can also lead you into a well-placed trap as the streamer demonstrated in the video below that was clipped from one of his streams and shared on Reddit. Bouncers will protect you from any fall damage after springing off of one, but the patch notes didn’t say anything about trap damage.

Nick just used a bounce pad bait someone into a trap from r/FortNiteBR

Fortnite’s Bouncer can be placed on walls and other surfaces now to allow for even more creativity, so that’s exactly what Nick Eh 30 did. A towering structure built with a Bouncer and two Retractable Floor Spikes traps required players to spring off of the Bouncer in a particular way to successfully clear the spike traps positioned across from that. Nick knew what he was doing with the trap and how to hit it so that he was safe, but his opponent apparently didn’t. After a brief moment of hesitation where they were probably wondering if it was a smart idea to follow or not, the second-place competitor soon realized that it was indeed unwise to try and recreate Nick’s Bouncer leap. The streamer’s genuine excitement after pulling off the epic Bouncer bait kill is probably the same reaction that anyone would feel if they could pull off such as move.


With how new the Bouncers are, it’s not hard to imagine that everyone would take the chance to take them for a spin. Like a new weapon or the Shopping Carts that were just added not long ago, everyone wants to try out the game’s content while it’s still fresh, sometimes without any regard to the potential risks. Nick’s opponent may have very well recognized the danger of the Bouncer the traps that awaited them on the other side, but at least now they know what it feels like to use a Bouncer if they didn’t get that chance before.

The Bouncer is a Rare trap that can now be found in Fortnite Battle Royale.