Fortnite Gets New Futuristic Ventura Outfits and Gear

Fortnite Ventura

Ready to look like a slick new superhero in Epic Games’ highly popular Fortnite? They’ve got just the gear that you need.

The company has posted a new tweet announcing the latest arrivals in its store. And it’ll certainly put you in a venture-ous frame of mind.

The Ventura outfits and Venture gear are now available to purchase with your precious V-bucks, as you can see in the tweet below. Exact values weren’t given, but they’re likely to run around 800-1200 apiece, depending on what you purchase.

The gear offered include spiffy new male and female outfits complete with finned helmets and goggles; gold-embroidered costumes with yellow and purple designs; and spiffy looking gloves and boots. They’re just the thing to wear when you’re diving into battle against other folks in Battle Royale.

In addition, a new glider is also up for grabs, sporting the same futuristic design as the outfits with a Ventura logo and a cool domed-shaped design; and there’s also a sweet axe that actually looks more like a laser cannon attached to a metal pole. Still, it’s the ideal way to dig up resources, in case you’re in need of building stuff.

These items should be available on the store now, so feel free to shop around. There’s no word if they’re limited or sticking around for the long term though. It never hurts to stock up.

Hopefully they’ll still be around for purchase when the rumored Nintendo Switch version gets announced this Tuesday. That way, those system owners can pick up these outfits and join in the futuristic fun. Time to go Ventura style!


Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Nintendo Switch version hasn’t been finalized just yet but is looking very likely.

We'll definitely let you know when it becomes available...but don't be surprised if it's released right after the Nintendo Direct special. You know how those guys like their E3 surprises, right? And Fortnite would fit the bill.