Anthem Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

EA Play 2018 has officially concluded and fans of BioWare from all over the world got an even closer at what their latest action RPG has to offer in Anthem. With a shiny new cinematic trailer and some actual gameplay, we have a better idea as to what the title actually is versus what many thought it would be. For those interested in picking up their copy on day 1, here are a few of the incentives to put some cash down early.

anthem preorder
(Photo: EA)

Though the game doesn't come out until February of next year, it's not too early to see what kind of loot players can score for getting their order in early. There are a few option available, such as the Legion of Dawn Edition that will give those interested early access to the game's demo. Additionally:

  • Four Legendary Armor Packs
  • Legendary Weapon
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Founders Player Banner

“Pre-order the Anthem Standard Edition and receive the Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack and Legendary weapon for your Ranger exosuit. Pre-ordering also provides VIP access to all pre-launch playable demos and the Founders Player Banner.”


The suits are everything in this game. They are customizable, upgradeable, and just overall look badass. According to EA, "Javelin exosuits are the powered suits of armor that allow humans to traverse the unsettled world of Anthem safely. With armor thick enough to withstand crushing blows and a jet propulsion system capable of navigating in the air, on the ground, and below the water, these exosuits are a necessity beyond the walls of Fort Tarsis. Venturing out unprotected is almost certain death."

They then added, "Constructing a Javelin is the crowning achievement of humanity, dating back to the first Javelin creators – the Legion of Dawn. In the darkest chapter of humanity’s history, it was the Legion of Dawn who brought us into the light. Commanded by the legendary General Helena Tarsis, the Legion of Dawn were the first Javelin pilots – and many say the greatest. From the seeds of their skill and courage bloomed an entire civilization. Their protection allowed for the construction of fortified settlements safe from the corruption and danger of the outside world."

For those interested in making the most of their time in the world of abandoned wildlands and dangerous enemies, the Legion of the Dawn Edition drops when Anthem releases February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.