Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Confirmed For Post-Launch


With so many other games taking advantage of the Battle Royale format, some players were surprised when Battlefield V wasn't taking that route when it was officially announced a couple of weeks ago. But today, during the EA Play presentation, the producers behind the forthcoming game confirmed that it would be introducing the Royale experience to it.

During the presentation, the team confirmed that "Royale" would be coming following the game's release this October, and that it would be revealed sometime later this year. While there weren't that many details about what to expect from it, they did promise that it would be a unique approach to the genre, in the Battlefield way.

That means Battlefield V will come packing a single player campaign; a tour-de-force multiplayer experience that fans usually expect from the franchise; and now Royale, whatever it ends up being.

With this mode, Battlefield V should be in direct contention with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in terms of content. It too will have a Battle Royale mode known as Blackout, though Activision didn't reveal details about it just yet.

As far as how Battlefield's Royale will be different, it will more than likely come down to the size of the map. Fans that have played these games for years know that the map size is immense. Granted, Fortnite and PUBG have maps of about the same size. But integrating the Battlefield setup into that should make for something pretty cool. Now there are just a few more details that need to be filled in. First off, how many players can we expect from Royale? The game currently supports 64 players in multiplayer, but could the new mode have a higher count?

For that matter, is there a chance that EA could introduce multiple maps for the mode? Games like Fortnite and Black Ops 4 are relying on a single map without much variety. But if the publisher can beat the competition to the punch, it could end up being very cool.


We'll look for more information on the Royale mode, but we may be waiting until a little closer to the game's release on October 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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