Internet Reacts to No Skate 4 Announcement

Skate 3
(Photo: EA)

Electronic Arts’ press conference has come and gone during EA Play with no mention of Skate 4, and there are plenty of people who aren’t thrilled about its absence.

Anthem, Battlefield V, and more of EA’s biggest upcoming games were shown off during the conference, but no skateboards, ollies, or wipeouts were seen at any point. That’s a much different outcome than many were expecting with there being more than a few people speculating prior to the conference that EA Play would bring news of the latest Skate game.


But no Skate 4 at EA Play means that all those people hoping for some skating action are now let down, and they’re making their opinions known. Some joked about the battle royale trend and said that there was no room for Skate 4 so long as the ever-growing game genre couldn’t find a way to be included, but others joked that a Skate 4: Battle Royale game would be an easy purchase. Others were just disappointed that the game didn’t make an appearance, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s giving up hope. Though it didn’t get revealed during the EA event, there are some who are still holding out for a reveal when the actual E3 events start. Be it from Sony or Microsoft, some Skate fans are holding out for their last chance to get a big announcement about Skate 4 sometime this week.

Moreso than usual, people got especially excited for the possibility of a reveal this year thanks to some Skate 3 news that came earlier in the week. Seemingly out of nowhere, the online servers for Skate 3 came back up. This prompted many to wonder why the sudden reappearance of the servers happened now as opposed to any other time, but even though there wasn’t any good news about the series during EA Play, there’s still some hope that Skate fans will get their wish later this week.