Nioh 2 Announced At PlayStation E3 Conference

When Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja released it last year, Nioh was a game-changer for action/adventure games, mixing a beautiful style with brutal gameplay that kept gamers coming back for more. And, surprise, we get to do it all over again.
During last night’s Sony pre-E3 press conference, Koei Tecmo confirmed that it was hard at work on Nioh 2, which will no doubt follow on the adventures of the original game.

A brief teaser trailer for the game was shown; and while it doesn’t have too much to go on, it is worth getting excited over.

In the trailer, which you can see above, you can see an almost-defeated soldier go through a startling transformation into some kind of demon creature. He fends off a few attacks first, but right before his enemies are supposed to subdue him, that’s when he goes through his change.

It was a surprising announcement, as we didn’t expect Koei Tecmo to announce it so quickly. We did know that it was bringing back Dead Or Alive 6, but this is another fun little surprise that’s on the way.

As far as gameplay is concerned, it should definitely be on the same level as the original game, with a mixture of defensive techniques and obliterating strikes to bring down enemies big and small. Here’s a recap of the gameplay that made the original title work so well:

To triumph you'll need patience, to learn where each foe - human or demon - is strong, and when to strike at their weaknesses.


Embrace the way of the samurai to master the deep, rewarding combat system and relish every hard-fought victory.

  • Master every fighting style - learn the flow of combat and move with precision. Unleash combinations of attacks and dodges specific to a range of authentic samurai weapons, including polearms, katanas and axes.
  • Explore a fantastical and dark vision of 16th century Japan - fight alongside and against legendary heroes and villains of the Sengoku period.
  • Face brutal and grotesque enemies - standalone against skilled samurai, vile beasts, and demons known as the yokai.

We’ll find out more details about Nioh 2 in the months ahead. Final platforms haven’t been confirmed yet but it will likely release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PC.