League of Legends Shares God-King Garen, God-King Darius Login Screens

Login screens for God-King Darius and God-King Garen, two of League of Legends’ newest skins, have now been shared that show an animated version of the skins’ splash arts.

God-King Darius and God-King Garen are coming to League of Legends soon with the figureheads of Noxus and Demacia, respectively, getting a new VS event to go along with the cosmetics. The videos above and below that were shared recently by the League of Legends EU Twitter account give each skin some fitting animations and music to create the login screens that’ll be hitting players’ clients sometime in the future.

The release of these two 1820 RP skins marks the coming of the second VS event to ever occur in League of Legends, the first one taking place back when Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo were released. Players had to choose a side while completing missions and winning games to put their team ahead of the other until one emerged victorious. Loot and more were offered as rewards for completing the challenges associated with the VS event, so League players can likely expect more of the same from whatever Riot Games has planned this year.

Riot Games hasn’t announced yet when the VS event will begin, but a full article on the new event should go up sometime soon that explains exactly how it’ll work. The two skins are already available on the PBE servers if you have the necessary account, so you can try them out now and see them in-game for yourself to see if you’re willing to buy them. If you don’t have access to a PBE account, you can read up on the 1820 RP skins’ features below courtesy of the PBE feedback board posts for each skin.


God-King Darius

  • New model and textures: God-King Darius takes the Wolf as his crest, incorporating the dire wolf motif into his armor and battleaxe.
  • New VFX: Shadow magic and the Wolf’s spirit empower his abilities.
  • New SFX and VO lines: Wolf howls, deadly swings, and VO fit for a God-King.
  • New animations: Every animation has been changed, including a special transforming axe swing for his Q.

God-King Garen

  • New model and textures: God-King Garen takes the Lion as his crest, imbuing the lion elements into his armor and greatblade.
  • New VFX: Divine magic and the Lion’s spirit empowers his abilities.
  • New SFX and VO lines: Lion roars, powerful slashes, and VO fit for a God-King.
  • New animations: Every animation has been changed, including a special double-bladed spin for his E.