Kingdom Hearts 3 Video Compares Visuals To Disney’s Frozen

If you caught the Microsoft E3 press conference last week, then you might have caught the Kingdom Hearts III trailer that introduces the world of Frozen to the game. And it’s truly a magical time, with Olaf and the others joining the crew in a winter wonderland.

But just how close are the in-game graphics to the source material? Leave it to the team at Digital Foundry to find out.

The video, which can also be seen above, compares the visuals introduced in the trailer to the Frozen film. And as you can see, the work is pretty spot on.

Tom and John from the Digital Foundry team draw the comparisons, first starting with an introduction that looks at environments from Tangled and Pirates of the Caribbean. But then we get more into Frozen, with Olaf being a central figure in both scenes. We also get a glimpse at other characters in the film, including Anna, her sister Elsa, Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven.

“Frozen is replicated using Unreal Engine 4 - at times in a shot-for-shot manner - meaning a direct visual comparison is possible. Rendering quality takes a hit as a result of running in real-time, but the results come surprisingly close!” the video description reads.

As you can see, Square Enix did its homework with the rendering. The animation “translates directly from the Pixar films” (even though Frozen isn’t one) and the lighting is incredibly well done, especially when Anna goes running across the ice palace, leaving a snowflake-like trail behind her.

The game is supposedly set to hit around 30 frames per second, though it could go past that (like around 50) on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, as part of the footage shows when you’re fighting through a Toy Story level. And the end result “comes amazingly close” to the source material, according to the team.


We haven’t even seen the full game yet and already Kingdom Hearts III has us swooning for what the final product will hold. We can’t wait.

Watch the footage above and prepare for Kingdom Hearts III when it arrives on January 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4!