PUBG Hotfix for Xbox One Fixes Memory Leak Issue


The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been hotfixed to fix a memory leak issue that was causing a performance issues and occasional crashes.

Sharing the announcement of the PUBG hotfix on the game’s forums, the Xbox community manager detailed what’s included in the update that’s been deployed to improve stability and player experience. The patch was timed to go out early this morning and should now be available for all Xbox One players.

“A memory leak was fixed regarding character renders, increasing efficiency of the process and reducing crashes,” Xbox community manager PUBG_Oreoree said. “This will help with reducing crashes when playing for a long duration.”

For those who aren’t sure what a memory leak is or how it would affect the game, the hotfix notes went into more detail about the issue while explaining what it meant for the game and why it was important that it be fixed.

“To explain this in more detail, each time a scene was changed, (Start Screen ← → Lobby ← → Ingame) the memory being cached for character rendering was leaking. This means that the cached memory wasn’t being released, reducing the amount of available memory every time a scene was changed.

“In game, the memory is cached for every character within a 1km radius around you. This meant that when you died, causing a scene change back to the lobby, the cached memory was leaked for all characters within the 1km radius around you and became unusable memory. When transitioning to different scenes to and from the lobby, cached memory for up to 4 characters was being leaked (depending on party size).

To put it in simpler terms, the notes explained that large amounts of memory in PUBG were becoming unusable due to the memory leak issue. This increased the likelihood of the game crashing over time, but the issue has now been resolved.


Aside from the memory leak issue, a bugfix was also deployed that fixed an instance where vehicles would sometimes lift off of the ground and spin around rapidly, something that’s obviously not supposed to happen in PUBG. The PUBG team also reiterated its commitment to continuously improve performance in the console version of PUGB while providing more frequent updates to improve stability and performance.

The hotfix notes don’t contain much more than what’s included here, but you can read through them yourself on the PUBG forums.