Yes, Pokemon Go Players Get XP for Increasing Friendship Levels

Pokemon Go's new Friendship feature is an easy way for players to get XP, but there's some confusion due to a delay in when the XP hits a player's account.

Last week, Pokemon Go launched its new friendship feature, which allows players to exchange gifts and Pokemon with other players. Players are encouraged to build up their Friendship Levels with other players by tying them in with various bonuses. As players increase their Friendship Levels with other players, they get increasing attack bonuses while battling in gyms and Raids with friends, lower trading costs, and big XP bonuses when a player increases their Friendship Level with another player.

That last bonus has come under some contention recently, as many players claim that they haven't gotten their XP bonus after they reached the first Friendship milestone with another player. That's because players don't get their XP bonus until the game displays an in-game notification stating that they reached that milestone, which usually takes a minute or two after a player leaves their Friends List screen.

To help prove that Pokemon Go players do get that XP bonus, a Redditor recently screen captured the delay from their phone, showing that he got a whopping 120,000 XP by using a Lucky Egg and then opening a ton of gifts sent to him by other players.

Players can get 3,000 XP just by becoming Good Friends with another player, which only requires one friend action (like making a trade or opening a Gift from them) to do. And the XP gets doubled by using a Lucky Egg, which means that players can get a ton of XP just by opening gifts they get from new friends.


Pokemon Go is still tweaking their Friendship system. Yesterday, game developers nerfed the number of items players get by opening gifts and we're guessing that even more tweaks and changes are on the way.

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