Fortnite: How to Destroy All of Tilted Towers in One Shot

Ah, Tilted Towers. The bane of many Fortnite players' existence. We thought Season 4 of the popular Battle Royale game would come bearing its destruction with all of those highly visible meteors, but alas - the death trap still remains intact. For now ...

Epic Games might have a specific goal in mind for Season 4 and the upcoming Season 5, but never underestimate players and their willpower when they want something done. In this case, it's Tilted Towers be gone! Check out how one person took out "all of" Tilted Towers with just one shot:

All of Tilted Destroyed... By 1 Shot from r/FortNiteBR

Let's take a moment to collectively say "holy crap" in awe together because oh, my lord that's impressive. Another player achieved something similar with Save the World, which can be seen below as well (though nowhere near as personal as our hatred for Tilted Towers):

How to destroy a city with one shot ? #satisfying2watch from r/FORTnITE

But seriously though! I can barely manage a simple staircase, image the level of patience required to pull this off! It's kind of impressive what the Fortnite community can pull off when they put their minds to something.

The trick with this is to destroy the base of the buildings themselves. Once that's accomplished, everything else follows suit. What the players above demonstrated was how to connect every single building together with one infrastructure, ultimately setting off a chain reaction from the ground up that resulted in pure annihilation. It's pretty charming, if you think about it. Who needs a comet when you can just build the end?


Tilted Towers is one of the places we recommended earlier this month for new players to drop if they're looking to win. If you're looking to play aggressive, Tilted Towers is where you want to go. It's filled to the brim with loot, but also enemy players! But there are definitely others that we recommended first, which you can see for yourself right here.

The latest update is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices! Interested in what else is new? Check out the full patch notes right here!