Spider-Man PS4 Will Be At San Diego Comic-Con, Exclusive Reveal Likely


Miss Marvel's Spider-Man at E3 2018? Well, good news, you will be able to see it at San Diego Comic-Con next month as part of Marvel Games' show line-up.

According to Marvel Games, it will have exclusive reveals, special sneak-peeks, and all new-content apart of its line-up for the show, which includes the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive from Insomniac Games.

Details on what is in store for fans of the upcoming game haven't been disclosed, but it appears there will be some type of reveal in store. And even if there isn't, at least fans of Spidey will get to see the game up close and personal.

What is also unclear is whether or not the game will be playable at the show. If it is, it will presumably be the same demo that was shown off and raved about at E3.

As for what Insomniac Games has up its sleeve for the show in terms of new content, it could be almost anything.

The most common piece of speculation suggests that the developer will reveal a new suit for the game (if not more), and may accompany it with new gameplay footage featuring said suit.

Others seem to think the game's six mysterious villain -- likely Doctor Octopus -- will be revealed, perhaps alongside an ally of Spidey.

Meanwhile, some seem to think we may finally get a meaty story trailer, which would likely include said mysterious villain, as well as a deeper dive into the game's narrative, which has naturally taken back-seat to its gameplay up until this point.


In other words, nobody knows. But if I was a betting man, I'd suggest a new suit reveal and some new gameplay is on the agenda. I'm sure Insomniac Games knows San Diego Comic-Con will be brimming with Spidey fans, and thus it will need to bring something meaty. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until July 19th when the show kicks off to find out just how meaty of a surprise is in store.

Marvel's Spider-Man is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4, and is poised to hit on September 7th. For all the latest news on Spidey, click here.