Fortnite Leak Says the Leviathan Is Coming

One of Fortnite’s many mysterious is said to be solved towards the end of this season when the Leviathan makes an appearance in a new game mode, leakers say.

TwoEpicBuddies, the Twitter account known for leaking Fortnite information and accurately predicting what’s coming in various updates, tweeted an image recently that said that the fabled Fortnite monster is coming when Season 5 starts prepares to start and Season 4 ends. The Leviathan has been the subject of debate and speculation in Fortnite ever since massive footprints were spotted that indicated there was something much bigger than the game’s characters prowling the map.

Citing past evidence of the Leviathan’s appearance that included the sizeable footprint between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove and some “secret coordinates” that were found in audio files, the leakers suggested that the end of Season 4 will introduce more Limited Time Modes that work as escort missions where players have to either keep the Leviathan alive or take it out before it reaches its destination.

“2 new LMT’swill be coming near the end of season 4,” TwoEpicBuddies’ tweeted image said. “A 50v50 but one person in one team will control the big leviathan and the team with the leviathan have to escort him to wailing woods or greasy grove. The other team has to take it down before it’s too late! There’s infinite lives in the gamemode but no building [sic].

The absence of building in the game mode would be a radical change since it’s by far Fortnite’s most defining element, but it wouldn’t be too out of the question to imagine that such a change would be made temporarily for an LTM. Expanding on the claims, the leakers added info about the locations that the Leviathan will have to be escorted to.

“Leviathan will start at Moisty and will head towards either Greasy or Wailing,” TwoEpicBuddies continued. “The actual role of the rocket is still unknown.”


Some of this info may sound similar to Fortnite players who recall an impressive leak from a while back that also attempted to reveal more info about the Leviathan. It’s from a Reddit post that’s now been deleted, but you can still see what was captured in the tweet below.

Fortnite’s rocket that was mentioned above also just launched to a spectacular display that can be watched here in case you missed the one-time event when it happened.