Minecraft, Animal Crossing Get Devoted Nintendo 2DS Systems In Japan


Nintendo still has a lot of support going for the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS systems, and today introduced a trio of new systems on their way to Japan that fans won’t want to miss.

The systems can be found here (translated via Google) and should be of interest to fans of Mario Kart, Minecraft and Animal Crossing, as they’re designed to match the mood of each of those franchises.

Minecraft 4

First up is the New Nintendo 2DS LL Mario Kart 7 Pack, which is set to go for 15,980 yen and release on July 19. The bundle includes a red and black designed system, as well as a digital copy of Mario Kart 7 pre-installed onto the system.

Minecraft 3

Also coming on that same date is the New Nintendo 2DS LL Dobashi Animal Crossing Amiibo + Pack, going for the same price (15,980 yen) and featuring a beautifully designed tan and light green system with Animal Crossing emblems. A digital copy of Toyobase Animal Crossing Amiibo + is also preinstalled on the system.

“The letter designed in the center of the main body, "Animal Crossing" is the English name of "Animal Crossing".

Fresh green color and body of soothing cream collar. The familiar "leaf" in the animal woods has been designed like hollowed out,” the product description reads. “It is also recommended for those who are playing in the smart device application "Poke Forest" but who have never played the game "Animal Crossing" yet.

Minecraft 2

Finally, there’s the Minecraft New Nintendo 2DS LL Creeper Edition, which features the image of a Creeper carved into the front of the system. It goes for 16,980 yen and is set to arrive on August 2. It comes with a digital copy of Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition installed on it.

“Mike is a bold design with a familiar enemy character, ‘Creeper’ . It is a hatred monster that creeps into players and explodes suddenly, but if you stare at each other for a while ... Wonder and pretty looks only you myself! What?

“And when you look closely at the main body ... · · ·. As you can see, I think that you can feel the uneven body of the creeper .

“If you play outside, you will notice the surrounding attention It is misunderstood, finished in a design full of personality.”


The Minecraft one looks like a must-have for fans of the series, though we can think of a few folks that would love that Animal Crossing one too.

There’s no word if these systems will make their way to the U.S. yet, but don’t be surprised if they’re announced for release during the holiday season. Maybe Amazon will partner up with them again for an exclusive offer…?