Canadian Convenience Store Robbery/Arrest Is Even Better With Metal Gear Solid Music

So do you remember a few days ago when a Canadian couple attempted to rob a convenience store and had the most disastrous escape plan possible? No? Well, you can see it for yourself above and it’s a full-blown comedy of errors from one guy trying to slip past the police to his girlfriend crashing through the roof of the store.

Well, it’s there but a little different. While the footage itself is unchanged (and, by the way, very well edited), a YouTuber by the name of Omar Villegas somehow made it even better. He managed to add Metal Gear Solid music and sound effects to what’s happening on-screen and the result is absolutely astounding.

It starts with the male suspect running through the store while avoiding a security guard. The “what was that noise” and “noticed” sound effects are pretty much perfect here. But this is just the beginning.

As the video (and the music) go on, the girlfriend slips past the cop and the suspect somehow also tries to get by, only for the cop to tackle him in the doorway.

Here’s where things get fun. The girlfriend decides that climbing into the duct of the store is a smart idea. And Omar cleverly incorporates game footage of crawling through a duct here...up until the point that the girl comes crashing down on the ground with an explosive effect to follow.

Really, you just need to watch it for yourself. It’s pretty incredible, right up to the end when it comes to the “Game Over” screen. Kudos, good sir.

We’ve probably not seen the edits of that Canadian convenience store robbery just yet, as there are probably a few more videos that will be making the rounds. But as far as we’re concerned, this Metal Gear Solid one will be pretty tough to top.


Just a word of advice, kids -- sometimes robbery just isn’t worth it. Buy things like a normal consumer, will ya? And don’t crawl into the ceiling, for crying out loud. You are not Solid Snake.

If you prefer to see the original, unaltered video, you can do so below. Note that there’s no audio though.