Sony Says Their PlayStation AAA Titles are "Too Big to Fail"

It's no secret that PlayStation is doing well. Really well. Their exclusive line-up continues to grow and though Xbox is making their way into the fray once more with their own titles, Sony is currently still at the top regarding library choices on console. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, their line-up is "too big to fail."

To preface Sony Boss Shuhei Yoshida's statement, he believes that the AAA space in the industry has seen tremendous growth through the years, and they've worked hard to develop that. With Spider-man, Death Stranding, The Last of Us, and more to their name - that effort is definitely recognized. But it's not just the AAA market Yoshida-san spoke of, but the indie as well.

“On one hand, in the triple-A space, the scale and the tech of game development has grown so much that I feel like we are making a huge bet every time we start a new project," told Yoshida-san to MCVUK. "The end results are, when successfully executed, an amazing fusion of art and tech, providing hours and hours of highly engaging interactive entertainment in a big, often open, world to explore with lifelike characters and imaginative creatures."

He added, “Because of the size of the investment, each title feels too big to fail. It creates an enormous pressure to manage these triple-A projects. These games are the drivers of the industry to become more and more mainstream entertainment. We need to keep pushing the art of making triple-A games.”

That being said, all platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC) are diving more and more into the world of indie development and many tools are now easily accessible for hopeful devs. "With the number of triple-A titles becoming smaller and the type of these triple-A games becoming somewhat similar to avoid taking risks, there’s a vast, open field of types of games for the indie devs to explore and succeed. I’m a huge fan of indie games as I always enjoy fresh game experiences and artistic expressions. Indie titles drive innovation and experimentation in the industry and it’s important for the gaming landscape that we continue to support this flourishing market.”


Keep in mind, Cuphead was a huge hit and they took a huge gamble with their play style. Many other smaller titles also made some pretty big waves and Yoshida-san's reflection echoes that very sentiment.

What do you think about what the Sony head had to say? Do you agree that now is the time for the Indie market to shine? Will we see a failure in one of the upcoming Sony AAA exclusives? Sound off with your predictions in the comment section below!