Grand Theft Auto Online Update Provides More Money-Making Opportunities, Discounts

GTA Online

While this week’s Grand Theft Auto Online update isn’t overloaded with new content, it does come bearing some interesting opportunities to make some serious cash.

That’s because the highlight for this week is the option to pick up some biker business and special cargo crate items for a cheaper price, while also stocking up on extra cash with the Smuggler’s Run missions.

If you partake in any particular tasks in the special Smuggler’s Run section, you’ll be able to clean up with 2X GTA$, as well as additional RP for each one you complete. Biker business sales also provide an additional 25 percent.

And what better way to spend that money than on goods? You can actually save 40 percent of all hangars, as well as special vehicles; and you can save big on special cargo crates by 25 percent, in case you need to stock up.

These are only available through Tuesday July 16, meaning that you’ve got a week to stock up and save up that money.

On a side note, if you signed up for that special GTA Online Guest List, you can collect more rewards this week. A Pink Wireframe Bodysuit is now available to add to your closet, and you’ll find an additional $100,000 in GTA$ in your bank account by no later than July 16.

Is it more discounts you’re after? There’s also a 40 percent discount on select aircraft, including the following:

  • Nagasaki Ultralight- 40 percent off
  • Nagasaki Havok- 40 percent off
  • LF-22 Starling- 40 percent off
  • Mammoth Mogul- 40 percent off
  • Mammoth Tuta- 40 percent off
  • RM-10 Bombushka- 40 percent off
  • P-45 Nokota- 40 percent off
  • Buckingham Pyro- 40 percent off
  • Buckingham Howard NX-25- 40 percent off

Finally, if you’re looking to save a little more, you’ll find discounts on the following through July 16:

  • Coil Cyclone- 30 percent off
  • Grotti Visione- 30 percent off
  • Vapid Retinue- 30 percent off
  • Countermeasures Upgrade- 25 percent off
  • Aircraft Weapons Upgrade- 25 percent off
  • Aircraft Handling Upgrade- 25 percent off
  • Brakes Upgrade- 25 percent off
  • Engine Upgrades- 25 percent off
  • Armor Upgrades- 25 percent off
  • Liveries- 40 percent off
  • All Smuggler’s Run clothing- 25 percent off
  • Flight and Air Racing Suits- 25 percent off
  • Parachute Bags, Canopies & Smoke Traits- 25 percent off

Enjoy your shopping!

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.