'Fortnite' Player Trolls Using 'Black Panther' Audio in Squad Mode

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Fortnite players are evolving. One gamer used a Black Panther soundboard to convince his teammates he was the leader of Wakanda.

In the video, featured in the Instagram post below, a gamer masterfully used dialogue from Marvel's Black Panther movie as he took out an entire squad to rescue his downed teammates. "Don't worry," Black Panther said. "And I never freeze."

"I will not stop until I defeat every enemy in every corner," he says. "You can doubt me all you want but until you see the true power of the Black Panther..."

Just as the player started to get a little carried away with the Black Panther's confidence, a floor trap took him out. It might have improved the video, though, especially considering it needed to end because those kids yelling so loud could only be tolerated for so long.

The Instagram account @fortnite_meme credits YouTube user Azzers for creating the video.


Season Five of Fortnite is set to kick off on Thursday, ending the current super hero theme which accompanied Season Four. Many players are expecting a time travel event of sorts to take place to kick off the new batch of challenges and skins and June's missile launch appeared to open a rift in the game's reality. Since, several items from the map have disappeared while new historically themed items have randomly popped in through portals.

What type of themes do you want to see in future Fortnite seasons? Share your thoughts in the comment section.