Your Fortnite Replays Become Unplayable When Season 5 Starts

Fortnite’s fifth season starts tomorrow, and though you’ll keep all of the loot that you earned throughout Season 4, the replays that you’ve acquired throughout the season won’t be usable once the transition happens.

The start of Season 5 means that a big new update has to be deployed, one that’ll hopefully immediately clear up questions about the dimensional rifts that are plaguing the map. That update consists of a new Fortnite build, and that means that whatever replays you have left from Season 4 will be rendered unplayable.

Epic Games reminded players of the fact that the Season 4 replays will be outdated in a post on Reddit that alerted everyone to exactly when Season 5 starts and what’ll become of the replays when that happens.

“Downtime begins at 4 AM Eastern Time (0800 GMT) tomorrow, July 12. Patch Notes will be available as soon as downtime begins and we’ll update you once you once servers are back online and you can explore everything new for yourself.

“Any previous replays you have saved will be unplayable in the new build. So make sure to create any last minute content you have saved in your replays. We also have many new things coming your way, due to this the patch size will be larger than normal. So make sure you have that auto-update ready! There is also the potential you may also experience slower download speeds.”

The replays from Season 4 being unusable shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for anyone who’s been cherishing their replays and using them to create content as the replays become unplayable when every build is released. However, with everything that’s going on leading up to Season 5, it’s easy to imagine that replays would be the last thing that players are thinking about as they work their way towards the max Battle Pass rank and try to figure out what all the teasers mean. When the replay system was first announced, Epic Games warned players that replays could only be played back in the version of Fortnite which they were recorded in.


“Replays will only playback in the version of Fortnite that they were recorded in,” Epic Games’ replay FAQ said. “Whenever there is a new update to Fortnite your old replay files will no longer be valid.”

Fortnite Season 5 starts early in the morning when the servers go down for maintenance as the new patch is applied, so do what you need to with your replays before that happens.