League of Legends' Conqueror Rune Is Getting Nerfed

The newest Keystone Rune to grace League of Legends that’s called Conqueror is getting nerfed in the game’s upcoming patches.

Released back in Patch 8.6, the same update that introduced Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and the Chrysalis rune, Conqueror is found within the Precision rune path. It allows bruisers and marksmen to tear through tankier champions by dealing true damage once the rune is activated after being in combat for a few seconds. Proccing the effect gives champions bonus attack damage while converting some of their output into true damage with melee champions able to refresh this buff by continuing their attack.

The rune’s allowed champions like Irelia and Darius to soar in place of traditional tanks who can’t build defenses quickly enough to counter it, but it’s perhaps doing its job too well. Riot Meddler said on the League boards that the balance team has nerfs planned for the rune to bring back other champions who have been pushed out by the rune.

“We're planning on nerfing Conqueror somewhat. That probably happens in 8.15, though there's a slim change it slips into 8.14 still depending on how work this week goes,” Riot Meddler said. “Details at time of writing still to be determined. One of our primary goals though is to get tanks back into a more appropriate spot, with things having swung too hard against them. Doing so initially by looking at systemic things like Conqueror that affect all of them, before getting into individual champion changes.”

League of Legends Irelia Rework
(Photo: Riot Games)

It’s a unique rune in the sense that it grants consistent true damage, a form of damage that’s only ever found in certain abilities and items. In a separate comment with the boards post, Riot Meddler expanded more on which part of the rune Riot’s looking to nerf. Instead of targeting the power of the rune’s true damage that defines it, the current plan is to nerf the amount of bonus attack damage that champions gain once it’s activated.


“We've actually been looking more at hitting the AD in the last couple of days,” he added. “Perspective there is looking at what sort of trade off in regular damage output you should expect to make to get strength against tankier targets, with Conqeuror being too good at both things right now.”

The Rioter also revised his initial post about the timeframe of the nerf’s release to say that Patch 8.14 didn’t look like it’d include the nerf at the time the post was written, but an attack damage nerf is now expected to go live in Patch 8.14.