Spider-Man PS4 Origin Story Combines Two Fan-Favorite Comic Series

(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Since its announcement, fans have wondered what type of take Insomniac games will craft for Peter Parker. Well, according to its creative director, Bryan Intihar, the developer is drawing inspiration from two fan-favorite comic series.

When asked by a fan on Twitter about the origins of Peter Parker in the game, and whether he will be more in-line with The Amazing Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Intihar replied saying that the team opted to take a little bit from both.

In other words, Insomniac Games' version of Peter Parker sounds like it will be uniquely their take, and will utilize both comic series to craft a familiar, but different feeling Peter Parker. And this is the smart thing to do. One way to displease hardcore fans is to not stay faithful to a character, but by mixing and matching, things should feel fresh, even if they are familiar.

Anyway, fans of Spidey appear to be pleased with Insomniac Games decision:

While Insomniac Games has been tight-lipped about Peter Parker at times, it has been more forthcoming about the game's villains, which stars the Sinister Six's Scorpion, Shocker, Electro, Rhino, Vulture, and a mysterious (and likely leaked) sixth member. Mister Negative is also in the picture, and we theorize that Jack O'Lantern might be too, or at least we hope he will be.

Marvel's Spider-Man is scheduled to release on September 7th. Its price-point will begin at $59.99 USD, and will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.


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