Overwatch’s New Hero, Wrecking Ball, Gets an Official Arrival Date


Last month, we confirmed the news that Overwatch would be getting its most unpredictable -- not to mention cutest -- Hero yet in the form of a hamster known as Wrecking Ball. Don’t laugh, as he packs a pretty mean mech and the will to win, whatever it takes.

Now we know when we’ll be able to get our hands on the little furball. Today, Blizzard unveiled a new teaser indicating that Hammond, aka Wrecking Ball, will be added to the roster starting on July 24.

In the teaser, which you can also see below, we see the little dude running around on a giant mech ball before jumping into the air and striking a cool victory pose. Prepare yourself for battle, Hanzo mains.

In our previous story, we talked about the origins of Hammond, which we’ve posted below.

"In one of the many experiments carried out at Horizon Lunar Colony, animals were given genetic therapy to assess their adaptation to extended periods of habitation on the moon. As an unexpected side effect, several of them exhibited exceptional growth in physical size and brain function. While most of the test subjects were gorillas or other primates, there were some exceptions, including a hamster named Hammond.

"Like the others, Hammond's intelligence grew, and he became more curious about the world around him. Much to the puzzlement and amusement of the scientists, Hammond would frequently escape into different parts of the moon base. Though they'd always find him and return him to his cell, they never figured out the true purpose behind his nightly escapades. What they didn't know was that Hammond was busy teaching himself the skills of a mechanic, which would soon come in handy."


The character will automatically be available for play once he’s added to the roster so Overwatch fans can experiment and see what he’s made of. More than likely, he’ll be playable at the Overwatch Payload Tour that’s stopping at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend so you can get a chance to see what he’s all about.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.