Voldo Revealed for SoulCalibur VI in New Trailer

Time to break out the straps and chains, y'all. This morning Voldo was finally revealed for SoulCalibur VI, and his reveal trailer is just as confusing and creepy as we expected it to be. If you're a long time SoulCal fan like myself, you already know what to expect. If you don't know what the hell a Voldo is, then you might want to take a steadying breath before viewing the trailer above.

We know, Voldo can be a little overwhelming, but that's exactly why people love him. Voldo has been in every single SoulCalibur game since the original Soul Edge on PlayStation, and his bizarre appearance and unorthodox fighting style has made him a competitive favorite and crowd-please. Wielding two hand-held blades of various designs, Voldo attacks by stabbing, leaping, slashing, crawling, and... pelvic thrusting.

Voldo has always appeared covered in straps, spikes, gags, and thongs. He has a very strange fetishistic bondage vibe about him, but it's all in hyperbolic service to his character. Volda is a loyal servant to his original master, who was a weapons merchant in search of the legendary Soul Edge. Voldo accompanied his master on his search for the weapon, until his master died. Voldo then helped him dig a massive tomb, and went down with him in order to guard him.


For years he stayed there, until the spirit of his former master bade him forth to continue looking for the sword of legend. This is Voldo's motive for seeking Soul Edge: to bring it back to his master's tomb and add it to his collection. He has no desire for power for himself, and in SoulCalibur IV, we see him finally take hold of Soul Edge and bring it back to the tomb. He doesn't wield it or succumb to its temptations. He simply guards it, as he guards his master, attacking any thieves or warriors who dare enter the tomb in search of the sword.

So yeah, he's creepy, but his motives are purely selfless, and it's his loyalty that drives him. He's a blind and mute servant, and that's at least a little endearing, right? Either way, we're happy to see him return, and you can pick up Voldo's story where it left off when SoulCalibur VI launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19.