Final Fantasy VII Meets Pokemon With Epic Crossover Art

Everybody loves a good crossover. Gamers and their love for their favourite franchises continue to find new ways to express their fandom pride and a popular way to do just that is by creating their own unique spin. In this case, one talented artist decided to re-imagine some of their favourite characters from the Final Fantasy series in the world of pocket monsters and trainers with Pokemon. Though personally, the Final Fantasy VII re-imagining is my favourite - just look at that Sephiroth!

(Photo: AndrewRyanArt)

The above image is from Final Fantasy VII, which ... it's Sephiroth, so naturally it would be featured first. I love the concept of seeing these characters as trainers, versus some weird hybrid morph into the monsters themselves. That being said, I'd love to see Tifa with Hitmonchan instead, because the Fighting Pokemon just seems like a perfect fit.

(Photo: AndrewRyanArt)

The above art is from Final Fantasy VIII, which was the artist's personal favourite. He mentioned that he gave Rinoa the dog Pokemon in an effort to mimic her in-game ally Angelo, which makes sense. He also mentioned that this character was his go-to during his time with the game. Fair enough.

(Photo: AndrewRyanArt)

The final entry is that of Final Fantasy X, with the ever gorgeous Lulu surrounded by a "bunch of badass psychic/dark types." But the real treasure is the way Wakka is holding Staryu - together forever and it's absolutely adorable!


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As for Andrew, he's an incredibly talented artist that is known for his amazing Dragon Age and Mass Effect art, both in which we have featured frequently on this site. You can learn more about this talented artist right here on his official DeviantArt page, while also supporting him over on Society6 by purchasing some of the amazing prints he has for sale! Support your favourite artists!