Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth and Cloud Face Off With This Unique Fan Gift

If you've been with us long, you've probably noticed that we have a penchant for the one-winged angel from the Final Fantasy series, Sephiroth. With news of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake essentially being at a standstill, hardcore fans are forced to indulge in their fandom in other ways. If you yourself are a huge fan of the iconic RPG franchise, or are looking to buy a gift for someone close to you, then this unique take on the conflict between Cloud Strife and Sephiroth might just be that perfect present.

(Photo: VinyltheClock)

According to creator of this stunning new line of decorative clocks, "This clock is a unique gift to your friends and family for any occasion. It shows your knowledge about their lifestyle & it shows your care. People will appreciate you spent so much time to find such original gift. Be sure your loved ones will be very happy about such amazing surprise. It looks just beautiful on a room wall, as a functional modern d├ęcor."

There are tons more from this series as well if you're more of a Tifa fan, or any other of the beloved characters that we've met through the years. Personally, I'm a Sephiroth girl, so I ordered the standalone character rendition, but I also couldn't help but to scoop up one that Moogle one either because honestly ... Moogles. You just can't say no to them, they are adorable!

Interested in checking out their full collection? You can find them right here! This Etsy shop also has an amazing Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, and Star Wars line as well! It's like a nerds paradise in the name of punctuality!


As for the character himself, here's more about Sephiroth from the official Wiki page (and not just coloured by my fangirl glasses):

"Before his fall from grace, Sephiroth was one of the most lauded success stories of the Shinra Electric Power Company's SOLDIER program. A great warrior idolized by the public and infantrymen alike for his strength and discipline in combat, Sephiroth's many successes in the field of battle during the conflicts surrounding the Shinra Electric Power Company's bid for global domination led to his status as a celebrity war hero and the poster boy for both the Shinra Military and the company's SOLDIER program. Learning of his true origins drove him insane, causing him to be driven by a new desire to destroy the world."