Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

Exclusive Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

This New Pokemon Pikachu USB Is Amazing

Being a Pokemon fan is great. Great games. Great anime. Great movies. Great merch. Correction, really great merch. Yup, life is good as a Pokemon fan, and it's about to get even better.

Ladies, gentleman, and Sableyes, may I introduce you to the best thing you'll ever see in this life: the official Pokemon USB Pikachu butt charger.

pokemon charger
(Photo: Pokeshopper)
pokemon charger 2
(Photo: Pokeshopper)
poke charger
(Photo: Pokeshopper)

Yes, that's right. That's a USB charger, and that is also Pikachu's butt. And yes, this is a real product, courtesy of the wonderful nation of Japan.

Recently announced for 2,300 yen (about $19.99 USD), this new charger will be available in Japan, and apparently it's a part of a series, so we could see more Pokemon butt chargers in the future. Can anybody say magnemite booty?

Further details are currently a bit scarce, and it appears the item is exclusive to Japan, at least for now. For future updates on the product and more information, be sure to keep an eye on and checkout Pokeshopper.

As you would expect, fans are in love:

As always, feel free to hit the comments and let us know what you think. Is there any other Pokemon you would like to see get the USB butt charger treatment? Personally, I would be interested in buying, about, I don't know, 50 Squirtle butt chargers. One for every outlet in my house, and every outlet in all of my friends and family's houses, that way I always have my preferable way of charging wherever I go.


Wouldn't mind a Klefki one as well, that way I can buy every last one and throw them in the garbage.

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