Overwatch League Expanding With Two More Teams


This weekend’s Overwatch League Finals were pretty epic with the season coming down to the Philadelphia Fusion against the London Spitfire. In the end, the Spitfire managed to walk away with the $1 million prize but it sounds like Philadelphia will be right back into the hunt when the next season rolls around.

Let’s just hope they’re ready for some new competition though. A report has popped up over at ESPN indicating that two more teams will be joining the competition once the next season kicks off, adding even more international flair to the League.

At the moment, agreements are being finalized for both Guangzhou, China and Paris to get their own teams. There’s also a possibility that more countries and/or cities could be getting their own teams as well, even though ESPN only named those two for the moment.

According to more details from the report, the Paris team will be owned by McCourt Global, which holds its operations in Los Angeles and also owns the Olympique de Marseille French soccer team. Meanwhile, the team based out of Guangzhou has the Nanking Group for an owner. They’re already well implemented into sports with the Chinese Basketball Association team Guangzhou Long-Lions. Neither of these companies have confirmed their interest in being part of the Overwatch League just yet, but an announcement could come as soon as this week.

The slots for remaining teams within the league are selling at a big amount, going anywhere between $30 to $60 million. And Blizzard is already planning to make room for more teams, planning on as many as 28 to expand to over the next few years.
This is sure to add even more competition to the league, even though the first season was already heated enough as it is. There were certainly a number of great matches and superstars that shone during each one, and next season is likely to repeat the feat. A start date hasn’t been given yet but it could begin as soon as later this year, or perhaps even January (since that’s when the inaugural season began). We’ll let you know as soon as details are finalized.


And, yes, ESPN covers Overwatch League now, ever since they became broadcast partners for the League. We expect to see even more great matches to come.

During the off-season, you can practice up with Overwatch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.