'Doom Eternal' Pre-Orders Are Live With a 20% Discount


Did you see the extended gameplay trailer of Doom Eternal that debuted at QuakeCon 2018 today? If you haven't, watch it here. You will be...reeled in within the first minute with the grappling hook shot - but it gets better and more brutal from there. It looks like everything we loved from the last game cranked up a few notches. Then there's the bit about invading other player's campaigns as demons.

If you're already sold on it, Doom Eternal is available to pre-order on Amazon right now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with a 20% Prime discount. As always, you won't be charged until the game ships and you'll automatically receive any discounts that occur between now and the released date (which hasn't been announced just yet - December 31st is just a placeholder).

Now, you might be wondering whether or not Bethesda would be crazy enough to try and bring Doom Eternal to the Nintendo Switch. The answer to that question is YES. All hail Panic Button! Indeed, if you've played the previous Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus games on the Nintendo Switch, you know what kind of magic Panic Button can pull off with a seemingly impossible port.


At the time of writing, the Switch pre-order isn't live on Amazon, but when it does arrive, you'll find it right here. Presumably, the Nintendo Switch version will also include a 20% Prime pre-order discount, but there are no guarantees these days. If you are 100% sure that you're going to buy a game and you don't mind physical copies, take advantage of the discount while you can. I definitely will be the second that Switch pre-order becomes available.

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