Classic PlayStation Games Remembered as Nostalgic Post Goes Viral


Twitter can be a questionable service sometimes, but there are also moments in which it brings the game community alive with memories of days gone by. In this case, the original PlayStation, which came out back in 1995.

Paul Mackie recently posted on Twitter, asking fans what they remember the most when they see the original PlayStation. And the post has since gone viral, with thousands of users talking about their favorite memories of the classic game system. Of course, I joined in for good measure, because Symphony of the Night. C’mon.

Here’s the original post:

And now let’s look at some of the best responses that have followed:

There are so many nostalgic favorites here. We’re just happy to see a Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter mention, along with the original Spider-Man game that started it all with Neversoft, mere days before Insomniac Games’ version hits the PlayStation 4.


And for some reason, our own Tanner Dedmon prefers this adorable pick, probably because he liked 102 Dalmatians in theaters. Meanwhile, WWG's Matthew Hayes chose Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Because million point combos!

What were your favorite games, fans? Sound off!