'Last Tide' Now Available, Battle Royale With Sharks

Battle Royale is everywhere ever since PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Fortnite took the gaming world by storm and since their rise to fame, many have tried to replicate even a tenth of that success. Many failed, while others came up with hilarious versions of the popular online PvP mode. In the case of Last Tide, we now have sharks involved.

This online game features vicious sharks and the need to survive. According to the developers over at Digital Confectioners, "Last Tide is a battle royale shooter sending 100 divers to the depths of the ocean! Avoid bloodthirsty sharks, locate equipment, and do whatever it takes to be the last diver swimming!"

They added, "Bloodthirsty sharks are constantly circling closer and closer! Prepare to be stalked by a variety of the deadliest shark species, forcing you to stay on the move or come face-to-face with their razor-sharp teeth."

But where this differs is the ability to fight underwater, making the dynamics of survival completely different from anything else on the market for this genre. Firearms, movement, and speed are all affected making it a unique twist to a growing niche.

The team also added, "Dive in alone or as a squad against other players in adrenaline filled matches to make your mark on the leaderboard! Challenge yourself to win against the odds by playing solo against other squads, or make yourself an easier target by finding and wearing the rare golden crown to earn bonus points!"

Like any battle royale game, you start with nothing and go from there: "Scavenge through aquatic environments like abandoned sea labs, sunken boats, beautiful reefs, and more to find the powerful gear required to take down your enemies!"


As of August 27th, Last Tide is available now on Steam as an Early Access title for $14.99.

We've got to admit, in a market quickly becoming over saturated with this type of gameplay, we might just have to give this shark title a go - it's just too weird not to.