League of Legends' Dark Star Cho'Gath Skin Raised Over $6 Million for Charity

Dark Star Cho’Gath, the charity skin in League of Legends, has now raised over $6 million for different nonprofit organizations around the world.

Riot Games shared the results of the charity initiative on Monday with a post announcing that a total of $6.1 million was raised by selling the skin and the icon, emote, and bundles associated with it. The skin was available from July 13 to August 10 with the money being raised for the nonprofits in just under a month. Riot Games created the skin in collaboration with The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Bryan, a League player who’s wish was to work visit the Riot offices and create a skin with the team.

“We would like to thank Bryan, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, GlobalGiving, the participating nonprofit organizations, and you,” Riot Games said in Monday’s announcement. “We’re blown away by these results—you’ve made a real difference for so many people around the world.”

All of the money raised through the sales will go to the list of nonprofits Riot shared previously. A minimum of $10,000 was to be donated to each nonprofit organization from regions in both the East and the West with 21 different nonprofits on the list to receive the skin’s revenue.

A separate post on Riot Games’ site that was shared when the skin first became available told the story of how Riot Games started working with Bryan to create the skin. While recovering from a form of bone cancer, Bryan’s family told Riot Games that they’d gauge how he was feeling by seeing how many games of League he could play in a day. As he recovered, he was able to play more games throughout each day. Rioters worked with Bryan to come up with an idea for a skin before he came to Riot Games HQ in Los Angeles to try out the skin and record his own theme music.


“A team of Riot volunteers brainstormed with Bryan through a series of emails and video chats prior to his visit,” Riot said. “When he arrived in Los Angeles, Bryan provided his feedback to an early version of Dark Star Cho’Gath, playtested upcoming content, and even recorded a new piece of Cho’Gath-themed music featuring him on clarinet (BTW Bryan is also a badass clarinetist).”

Dark Star Cho’Gath is no longer available to purchase, but Riot Games said back when the skin was first announced that it would be returning to the loot system as a Gemstone skin.