‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Easter Egg Pays Homage to Moonstone

It has been a full weekend since Marvel’s Spider-Man went live, and fans are on the hunt for easter eggs. Now, one Hawkeye-esque fan has spotted a rather deep cut nod, and the bit has a tie to a favorite Marvel vixen.

For those starting the game PS4 game, you may want to take more time exploring Dr. Octavius’ laboratory. Peter Parker may be in and out of the office quick, but if you take time to read through Otto’s notes, you will see a peculiar mention.

So, does the name Dr. Karla Sofen ring a bell to you? Well, for all you comic book fans, it should.

The name appears in a set of Otto’s notes, and Karla will be a recognizable figure to comic lovers. The character stands as one of the Thunderbolts’ founding members, and she was part of the Masters of Evil. The doctor made her name in medicine with psychiatry, and her desire to control others led her to work with Dr. Faustus.

During one of her cases, Karla went full-on villain when she managed to trick a man named Lloyd Bloch into giving up his Moonstone, a powerful item which gives its owners superhuman gifts. Karla absorbs the stone into her body, making her a force to be reckoned with as she joined the Masters of Evil and brought the Thunderbolts together.

Of course, fans will know that Karla’s history isn’t quite so simple. After a long stint as a villain, the character did suit up as a hero when she joined Norman Osborne’s Avengers team as Ms. Marvel. Still, her actions while suited up as Ms. Marvel were less-than-heroic, and she turned back to her Moonstone persona after she was taken down by Carol Danvers.


Of course, this isn't the only easter egg Spider-Man has put forth through its narrative. The massive open-world game makes nods to the Marvel universe without a care, and some major characters get referenced. Even though the blind lawyer isn't seen in person, Daredevil is given a shout out by Peter when he finds a business card for Matthew Murdock's law office. Now, fans are on the hunt for even more easter eggs, and this Moonstone nod confirms they can be hiding in the most obscure of places.

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