'Fallout 4: New Vegas' Team Offers Massive Update, 'Buzzing With Activity'

While we await more Fallout 76 news, the team behind the incredible impressive Fallout 4: New Vegas project have just given us a very positive status update for their work-in-progress.

"Following last week's short devlog break for Labor Day, we've had a fair bit of new development underway," began the team's latest Facebook update. "As many of you have seen, many new weapons assets have been started or are in the process of being completed for F4NV, and those will be seeing some more in-depth discussion in the very near future. Along with that, we've seen a lot of discussion within the community about how weapons, skills, and balance can be handled - we're really excited to see how invested many of you are in seeing F4NV's balance at work!"

"Alongside the new weapons, work has also continued on environmental art, including some hero assets that are key to certain major locations. These are being worked on in conjunction with the normal worldspace assets that they'll be seen alongside, and we're looking forward to showing more of those off in the coming days!" the update added.

"Our level design team, meanwhile, has been carrying on with the difficult task of building the Mojave outwards, and making the desert an interesting place to explore. Alongside this, work has been put into lighting tweaks for some key sequences that are already present in the game to ensure that things are looking as good as they possibly can be, and doing so while running well. It's easy to get caught up in all the environmental art from time to time, as well as the promise of a newer engine without the restrictions of needing to release on consoles, and as such end up overdoing things and causing a hit to performance. Our work process allows us to mitigate this, so as to ensure that F4NV remains running as smoothly as possible," the update continued.

Questing, script writing, reworking — this project is a plethora of details that will all come together for an amazing experience in the Wasteland. "Many of the systems in New Vegas that were used in one or two places can be somewhat more difficult to rebuild in the Fallout 4 engine, and so a period of careful work with F4SE can be necessary to ensure that those systems function as they did or even better than in New Vegas," the update read.

"All told, the last 2 weeks have been positively buzzing with activity, and we have some exciting content lined up to show off some of this work. The excitement some of this content has caused within the community has also been palpable, and we're looking forwards to showcasing our next piece of content very soon," the post concluded.

For those that might be new to this project, the team has been working hard on this project for years now working side by side with fans and Bethesda themselves to make sure this project is accurate, legal, and the perfect blend that fans have been hoping for.

Each week the creative team offers unique insights into their progress towards completion, and you can bet that radioactive butt of yours that we've got you covered! This is a project that we are very passionate about as well and we absolutely love all of the amazing updates from the team.

The incredibly ambitious fan project Fallout 4: New Vegas blends the best of both worlds into one passionate gaming venture. We've been following our friends on this endeavor for awhile now, and their ambitious fan-project continues to impress with each new update. The team has done a fantastic job at keeping those interested in this ambitious project tuned into its progress, and you can learn even more by visiting their official website linked below!


To learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here!

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