Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)


Avengers: Endgame Officially Getting Re-Released With New Footage (Exclusive)

Riot Games Documentary Coming From Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker

A new documentary about League of Legends studio Riot Games is coming soon and legendary filmmaker Leslie Iwerks is at the helm.

Up until now, this project has only been referred to as the "Untitled Enterprise Documentary" but new details have surfaced about the secretive project and what the team has in store for fans itching to learn more.

Thanks to our friends over at Slash Film and a recent screening held in Los Angeles, we've got our first real look at what the documentary has in store and what kind of tone it will take regarding the gaming industry as a whole:

“The documentary tells the story of the humble beginnings of what is now one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, and their vision to create not only a game, but a community. Featuring interviews from passionate fans, industry experts, and the creative visionaries behind the same, the documentary dives into the world of gaming, professional eSports players, fantastical characters, and more!”

This project has been two years in the making and though not specifically just about the League of Legends studio, the popular MOBA continues to hold the highest active player count in the industry, as well as continuing to make headlines for less than savory reasons.

From sexual assault allegations, to a continued issue with rising toxicity, Riot Games can't seem to stay out of the spotlight. Hopefully the new documentary will shed some light on what actually goes down behind the scenes and offer some first-hand information regarding the uglier side of the industry.


As for who Leslie Iwerks is as a director, she's the progeny of Disney legend Ub Iwerks before she made her own grand debut back in 1999 The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story. She then premiered a short film called Recycled Life back in 2006 about Guatemala City, which later nabbed her an Academy Award.

Since then, she's contributed many works to the documentary medium and we're genuinely intrigued to see what she's got in store for the gaming community. Will this be a fluff piece, or will this dive deeper into the darker side of an industry that continues to dominate the Entertainment field of interest?