Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

Exclusive Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

Beyond Skyrim Team Shares New Video Update for Roscrea

In case we haven't made it clear, we are very passionate about fan projects here. From Fallout, to Skyrim - even DOOM, there are tons of impassioned fans that have poured their heart and soul into mod projects to pay homage to their favourite franchises. One of the more well-known undertakings is the Beyond Skyrim mod, and it's as ambitious as it is visually stunning.

The team behind this incredibly thorough project recently showcased a new video highlighting the progress made on Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea. Because this is such a massive undertaking, each team is assigned a particular zone, a particular task. The new "Voices of the Deep" trailer, seen above, showcases just how much work is going into making this the perfect The Elder Scrolls experience.

According to the creative team, "With new buildings and equipment designed to evoke Roscrea’s unique cultural theme and an expanded worldspace populated with strange and wonderful creatures, this trailer will open the door on a new and unexplored corner of Nirn. In Roscrea you will explore long forgotten ruins, uncover ancient mysteries, and witness two proud civilisations clash on soil stained with centuries of blood and strife. In Roscrea, adventure awaits..."

They are also now hiring! "The Roscrea team has made significant progress over the past year and we don’t want that momentum to slow. At this point in our journey towards release we need all the help we can get! If you believe you have a skill that would make you an asset to our team, be it as a writer, quest implementer/scripter, Creation Kit generalist, concept artist, 3D modeler, level designer, navmesher, or voice actor, please send us your application by clicking here."

"The basic idea behind Beyond Skyrim is an old one," begins this mod's website. "Recreating the other Provinces of Tamriel which (until the release of Elder Scrolls Online) had only been featured in books, has been a dream of the Elder Scrolls modding community since at least 2002. The first Creation Kit for the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind allowed users to create their own original content (or “mods”) and add them into the base game. One of the oldest of these attempts, the legendary Tamriel Rebuilt, is still going strong today, and regularly makes new releases of the mainland of Morrowind."


"Beyond Skyrim is many things – it has been described as a mod, a community, a framework, a family of projects, and a support group. All of these are arguably true. We provide a place where Skyrim modders can meet each other, work together and exchange the fruits of their experience. We are organised into several autonomous teams, but we all have one final goal in common – to create a series of mods which will fit together into one seamless experience for our end users, allowing them to travel through all of Tamriel."

A project born of a pure love for a series that never quite lived up to its full potential, it's been years in the making and still has quite the journey ahead. The video above is only a small part of their work, more of which you can see here on their official website.