'WWE 2K19' Trailer Features Gameplay, Hints At Big Head Mode

We already know that WWE 2K19 is jam-packed with wrestlers, options and customization features. But the new trailer for the game suggests that we’re getting even more content than we ever counted on.

A new trailer titled The Phenomenal One (after Smackdown champion A.J. Styles, who also graces the cover) can be seen above, and it hints at some interesting stuff that you’ll be able to tinker with within the game.

For example, do you remember that bizarre yet awesome match between “Woken” Jeff Hardy and Bray Wyatt earlier in the year? It appears that you’ll be able to recreate that, with a possible zombies touch.

But then we get a glimpse of actual gameplay that will be featured in this year’s title, featuring a number of superstars, including Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Rey Mysterio, Ronda Rousey, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Sasha Banks, Bayley, The Velveteen Dream, NXT women’s champion Kairi Sane, Roman Reigns and countless others.

We then get to see a lot of them in the ring, executing signature and special moves like pros. The visuals actually look a little sharper than last year, though some of the character models are better than others, depending on the lighting. We’re sure that the final product will have some great looking details in the end, along with the countless features.

But then comes an interesting little tidbit at around 1:11. It appears that Xavier Woods and Sheamus, in the middle of an in-ring move, have large heads. Now, if you may recall, years ago NBA Jam made a “Big Head mode” for the game where their players ran around with enlarged craniums. And from the looks of it, Yukes is bringing them to WWE 2K19. It’s unknown if this will be available from the start or a feature that has to be unlocked during the WWE Showcase, but we’ll let you know once these details are confirmed.


With the game just a few days away, WWE fans are sure to be excited over what WWE 2K19 will have to offer. Especially with that loaded roster. We’re talking over 200+ superstars, with more to come!

WWE 2K19 releases on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Order one of the special editions and you can start playing October 5!