'Jump Force's Super Saiyan Blue Goku Isn't a Separate Character

Bandai Namco confirmed that Super Saiyan Blue Goku will indeed be in Jump Force, but he won’t be a standalone fighter as some had cautiously suspected.

Days ago, an image of a leaked issue of the V-Jump magazine was shared that showed Super Saiyan Blue Goku, often seen written as SSGSS Goku, on the cover alongside Luffy and Naruto. Both of the characters featured on the cover next to the blue-haired Goku were shown in their powered-up forms that were already confirmed to be in-game transformations and not standalone characters, but knowing how many versions of Goku there are, there was some concern that the Super Saiyan Blue form for Goku would be a separate fighter in the roster alongside the traditional Super Saiyan Goku form that we’ve already seen in Jump Force. Dragon Ball FighterZ, for example, is filled with different versions of Goku and Vegeta, so some people were worried that the Jump Force roster would also feature multiple forms of the fighters before the list of characters was even fully announced.

Those who were concerned about that need not worry any longer though with Bandai Namco confirming on Monday that Super Saiyan Blue Goku won’t be a standalone character in Jump Force. After tweeting a gif with a message saying that Goku could access his god-like form, another tweet shared in response to a follower said that Super Saiyan Blue Goku is a transformation and not a separate character.


While the teaser is about Super Saiyan Blue Goku, that form of the fighter isn’t actually included in the tweet’s gif. Bandai Namco responded to followers who pointed that out and said that this was simply a teaser for what’s to come, so the first in-game look at Super Saiyan Blue Goku shouldn’t be far away whether that comes from a screenshot, another gif, or the preferred option, a new Jump Force trailer.

There’s still a lot to learn about Jump Force outside of Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation with Bandai Namco continuing to add more anime and manga characters to the fighting game. While an exact release date isn’t known, a new rumor suggests that Jump Force will be out sooner rather than later with the rumored timeframe for the game being February 2019.That hasn’t been confirmed yet though, but if the date is accurate, there should be plenty of Jump Force news coming in the following months between now and February 2019.