'Dead by Daylight' Releases New 'Shattered Bloodline' Chapter

Dead by Daylight’s newest Chapter called Shattered Bloodline is out now with a trailer, a ghostly Killer, a resourceful Survivor, and another map.

The newest Killer released in the Chapter is called The Spirit, an entity players were first introduced to when the PC test servers were updated with the new content towards the end of August. Through players’ screenshots and descriptions of her abilities, we saw how her phase walking ability worked that allowed The Spirit to track Survivors while leaving her body behind. Behaviour Interactive’s page for the new Chapter now explains the power in greater detail and explains what Yamaoka’s Haunting does as well as what's included in the rest of the Chapter.

When Yamaoka’s Haunting is active, The Spirit has five seconds to move to a new location with increased movement speed. The Killer is still blocked by physical boundaries on the map and can’t see Survivors nor can it see their blood trails, but Survivors can’t see where The Spirit is going either. Red scratch marks can still be seen though, so Survivors attempting to flee from The Spirit can still be tracked that way. Like other Killers, The Spirit comes with three perks that are called Spirit Fury, Hex: Haunted Ground, and Rancor. The first allows The Spirit to instantly break pallets under the right circumstances while the second is a Hex that exposes Survivors and the last is an Obsession perk that reveals Survivors after generators are completed.

Also included in the DLC Chapter is another Survivor named Adam Francis, a teacher born in Jamaica who lived in Japan. While the Survivors don’t have their own powers like the Killers, he does come with three perks as well that help him hinder the Killer and help his teammates. Diversion lets him throw a pebble to distract the Killer after staying around the opponent for a certain amount of time, Deliverance gives him a guaranteed hook escape after unhooking an ally, and Autodidact makes healing Survivors easier as he successfully completes skill checks.


Both The Spirit and Adam Francis along with every other Killer and Survivor can also be played on the new map called Family Residence. The Entity uses the Yamaoka estate where The Spirit once lived as its new playground for the game between the Survivors and Killers, one that’s filled with Japanese architecture that the Chapter is based around.

Dead by Daylight’s Shattered Bloodline Chapter is now available and can be purchased for $6.99.