'Fortnite' Tilted Towers Is the One World Trade Center on Google Maps

The mysterious cube dubbed "Kevin" by Fortnite fans tore through the map - albeit at a very slow pace - burning runes in its wake before eventually melting into Loot Lake, changing it forever. Until now, we thought Tilted Towers was just a fictional place but when Kotaku went digging to chart the cube's patch, an interesting tid-bit about its location came up thanks to Google Maps.

Kotaku's own Heather Alexandra found out some juicy information regarding Tilted Towers when looking for a building in-game that was crushed by the cube itself. In her search, Alexandra uncovered that the IRL counterpart to Tilted Towers.

When searching for the term itself in Google Maps, the real-life location was revealed to be the One World Trade Center, otherwise known as the Freedom Tower, in New York City. This tower is the largest tower in New York City standing at an impressive 546m. The tower also means something special for Americans, as it was built in tribute to the fallen World Trade Center during the September 11th terrorist attack.

According to the now-removed listing, Tilted Towers, though shown right where Freedom Tower is, was actually revealed to be a nightclub. Naturally the nightclub was hit with 'reviews' from Fortnite gamers and has since been taken down.

It's pretty funny and an amazing find for Alexandra. Since Fortnite has invaded the real world before, it's always interesting to see when the world of video games and reality intertwine.

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