Former Telltale Dev Shares Alternate 'The Walking Dead' Season One Ending

If you haven't played through the Walking Dead Telltale Game, major end-game spoiler for Season 1 ahead.

Though the future is grim for the final season of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games following the recent closure news, former season 1 dev Jake Rodkin decided to share previously unused footage for the alternate ending to the season that started it all.

With so many toxic accounts from employees regarding the working conditions of game creatior for Telltale, Rodkin's video caption seemed to fit right in:

"Made by Sean Ainsworth during the final days of The Walking Dead Season One. When most of the team was on a much needed break, only a couple people were left in the office in case any last-minute bugs came back right before launch. This video was made during that stir-crazy time."

The footage shows Lee Everette shortly after he discovered he was bitten. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, to be bitten by the undead is a death sentence. Contact from a bite might not kill instantly, but it does insure that the one attacked will soon join the undead ranks. Some characters wait it out until the end, where others remove themselves immediately to keep those surviving safe.

Lee's character was paramount to a young Clementine's survival and his loss from the series was felt throughout the player base. This alternate ending shows Lee getting his inner Neo on from The Matrix has he goes out in a blaze of glory - slow-mo and all.


You can see other deleted scenes from the series with our previous coverage here - just significantly less slow-motion was included. Sad, we know.

If you - or someone you know - has been affected by the recent shut down, you can check out this full list here of developers with current job openings wanting to help out those laid off. If you have any other tips, feel free to shoot them our way so we can help!