These Pokemon Coasters Feature Adorable Pokemon Butts

Pokemon are cute, let's be honest. There are some real cinnamon rolls that have come out of such a long-standing and beloved franchise and now thanks to one fan, we can treasure those adorable little tooshies with these neat homemade coasters!

Pikachu, Charmander, Eevee - you name 'em, they've got them. According to a recent post on the gaming subreddit, user 'AmazingOrigami' showed off a picture of their latest pixelated creations that are used for their local sports bar. We're not quite sure what kind of sports bar it is but if it's got these adorable coasters, you can go right ahead and sign us up!

Coasters I made for my local esports bar from r/gaming

It seems that the post brought up some 'interesting' bottom talk and we learned something that honestly we just never thought about: Pokemon pooping. According to one user that responded to the OP, a Pokedex entry for Darkumaka mentions the art of fecal droppings and how some people used them to keep warm and cozy.

Raise your hand if "ew."

Still, this is the kind of content we come to the internet for and we hope that these adorable little booty holes have brightened up your day. As far as we know, they're not for sale, but you could try contacting the owner to see if they have an Etsy shop or something. It's the internet, this concept is bound to be for sale somewhere.


What do you think about the adorable Pokemon bottoms and all the talk this post evidently created? What other oddball gift ideas would you like to see based off our adorable pocket monsters? Sound off with all of your Pikachu-driven dreams in the comment section below and tell us what you'd like to see in the future!

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