Key & Peele 'Obama Meet & Greet' Skit Takes Over Gaming

Even though Key & Peele isn’t really around anymore (since both stars have since gone on to bigger successes), it’s provided a number of great skits that are still a blast -- like the Obama “Meet and Greet” one that you can watch above. In it, Peele portrays the former president as he greets different folks in different ways, some with hugs and some with cold handshakes.

But what’s interesting is how a few folks on social media have managed to twist this around to fit happenings in the gaming world. We’ve provided a few examples below, and they’re definitely worth watching, even though some game selections are better than others.

First up is this tweet from PREM., in which several Sonic the Hedgehog games are utilized for the skit. This includes a wide range of games, including some surprising love for Sonic Heroes, which came out several years ago. You can watch it below.

Next up, we have this tweet from Luis Illingworth, who works as a freelance video editor. He’s twisted the video around based on The Legend of Zelda games, and it’s pretty hilarious, even though he oddly places Link’s Crossbow Training in a higher regard than Skyward Sword. Uh, yep.

And then we have fighting games, thanks to a tweet from Painbot. There are a number of great games here, including long lost Darkstalkers entry Vampire Savior -- and a lot of ignorance for Street Fighter X Tekken. C’mon, man!

And on top of that, Wonder over on Twitter has provided one for Resident Evil games, including some love for favorites and, well, not so much love for others. Of course, Resident Evil 4 got the most.

Here’s a good one from It’s ya boi Prof.Beef on Twitter (that name, tho) for Final Fantasy. And it’s about as spot on as you can get, although Final Fantasy XII somehow got two mentions. Ah well.


Enjoy the videos above, and if you’ve got any to share, feel free to link us in the comments below!

(Hat tip to Resetera for the deets!)